The Mobility of Experience

WIRED’s article about Windows 10 being cool but Microsoft still being far behind got me thinking, and whenever that happens, whatever comes up most of the time is asinine, ridiculous, maybe stupid. Okay, let’s settle for stupid. Please take a moment to read that article before coming back here and reading mine. Or not. It’s okay.

However, the article points out that Microsoft has already lost the race to what the writer thinks is relevant: to be the world’s dominant mobile operating system. Herein lies the problem. Not exactly THE problem, but the problem I have with the article.
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Person of Interest

Imagine a world where Big Brother is a machine, compassionate enough to know that starting a robot apocalypse is not mutually beneficial to both man and machine. A machine with enough power to seize and take control of any technology that allows it see, hear, and predict the outcome of any decision. That it runs a simulation to find out if it will yield the most desirable results. Desirable for both man and machine to help both survive.
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Why I ditched Android and went back to Nokia

It has been a long time coming, I guess, but I think my GAS—Gadget Acquisition Syndrome, mind you—was spurred on only when Android devices came. I so wanted a Nexus One then, because it’s Android—it was a game–changer back then—and it was housed in a beautifully-crafted HTC phone. My phone at that time? A Nokia N97. I didn’t want an iPhone simply because it was expensive. That, and a lot of those I knew were complaining about higher monthly bills due to unknown data usage.
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PSA: #YolandaPH Affected Areas

These are the areas that are NOT mentioned in the media but were also badly affected.

Friends. Please repost. I-repost hangggang dumating sa media. Billiong piso na ang nakalaan para sa pagtulong at pagsalba sa ating mga kababayan. Bantayan natin ito mabuti.
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Of Cancelled Flights and Assholes

It’s been a long while since I’ve written a proper blog post, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m back, but I felt I had to post my recent experience of a flight home getting cancelled.
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