Currently a fish out of water with a new position at Acme BPO Consulting, Inc. undertaking Web Development tasks and conducting online marketing campaigns. Apart from developing new marketing strategies, responsibilities and tasks get diverse daily, which enables me to learn about back-office deployment and management, and how to relate that to marketing per se. I learned more in 6 months with this company than I did with my previous employer of 6 years. That’s how hardcore this company is.

I was previously a Training Developer at a Makati-based BPO, in which my responsibilities include developing training web-based learning systems for newly-hired and tenured agents. Preceding my current occupation, I was a technical support representative at another BPO, a system administrator at a now-defunct semiconductor marketing company, a technical support staff at an Internet cafe, and a desktop publisher at a desktop publishing company.

I studied with the Green Archers prior to my career as a Certified Hapless Techno Weenie and undergone training at Informatics for web administration before attending a seminar in Linux system administration.

My computer skills include, but is not limited to (again), using Microsoft Office for clerical tasks, using various graphics applications within Adobe’s Creative Suite, rendering e-learning modules using Adobe Captivate, having basic working knowledge in PHP programming and managing MySQL databases, and managing hosted websites.

I was born on February 4th, 1975, and has been playing around various Microsoft operating systems and Linux distributions since 1996. The year 2011 marks the first time I used a Mac in a production environment. Of course, I used a Mac before. Just not for work.

To travel is one of my passions, as well as playing the guitar in a  now-defunct band that was constantly in limbo. I have delved into writing as well, both fiction and non-fiction, but nothing mind-blowing or noteworthy. Listening to music ranging from Alternative to Classic Rock and mainstream Rock and Jazz is one of my hobbies. Another passion of mine is photography, and I was easing my frustration in said passion with the help of a Canon EOS 350D (aka Digital Rebel XT), some lenses, and tips from the Internet. However, circumstances arose that led me to let go of my gear to make sure I can feed my family (cue MMK theme song). In my free time, I play with my son who is growing too much like his mother.  In my other free time, I catch up on my reading-list, which includes comic books, graphic novels, and paperbacks.

Goals are a good thing. And one of mine would be to provide a life sufficient in everything, never in excess. Finding true happiness may be difficult, but contentment is a good start.


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  1. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well!!

    Just wanted to connect with you and wanted to know more about you and your expertise.

    Please let me know when can we meet for further discussion and opportunities.

    Thank you.

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