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Ever had one of those “slow” days? Like when someone tells you a really good joke, but then you don’t get it, and then two days later you finally realize what was funny about the joke, but it’s already too late to laugh and all you can do is scratch your head? Well, this is one of those days…

Judge Dale Kimball rules in favor of Novell with regards to SCO filing a lawsuit for slander of title.

…the court concludes that Novell is the owner of the UNIX and UnixWare Copyrights

Last 2004, SCO filed the Slander of Title lawsuit against Novell as it claims to be the owner of UNIX. Nice. As we all know, Novell now owns Suse Linux and has both commercial and open-source versions of the operating system. Of course, the open-source version includes some UNIX code as Linux is (partially) based on UNIX.

Microsoft then helped ensure that SCO could mount the fight, by providing major financial help at least twice in 2003.

So Microsoft helped SCO to sue IBM, then consequentially, Novell. Then in 2006, a shocker made the web shiver.

Microsoft and Novell had partnered to deliver Windows and Linux interoperability.

This is great. But. What. The. Fuck.

Easter, No Fish, and a whole lot of sleep

It’s been a while since my last post, and during the time I wasn’t online (I can’t believe it myself), I had a chance to reflect on things. Well, it’s not really a reflection but more of trying to make sense of something incomprehensible, at least, in the beginning.

For example, what does a bunny have to do with Easter, in which all Catholics know as the resurrection of Jesus and the deliverance from sin. Well, at least, that’s what they taught us in school. A bunny on one hand, and redemption on the other. It’s not quite balanced, is it. Even if the rabbit is made entirely of chocolate. It is mouth-watering to just think about a big chunk of chocolate, even if it’s shaped as a cute bunny-rabbit. It’s still not balanced. What other people would say is that it’s all a marketing ploy to commercialize something solemn as influenced by a capitalist government. They may be right.

Another thing that would bug me is the fact that there are going to be Easter egg hunting events. Where do Easter eggs come from? From the Easter bunny? Since when did rabbits lay eggs?! And people painting over the eggs to make it colorful, it’s not natural. There just isn’t an egg that was originally made with stripes. Pink stripes. That hen better have pink stripes too.

The lies that our parents taught us as true when we were little really had no positive effect on us when we grew up. Luckily for me, my parents never believed in the Easter bunny or Easter eggs. Otherwise, I would have ended up believing in something useless. Think about it. What does a bunny give you besides a full stomach? There is no spiritual, moral, economical or financial relevance to the Easter Bunny. Well, there is an economical relevance. It does help retailers and capitalists to earn from it by selling a 250 gram chocolate Easter Bunny for about $15 to $20, with the only difference from a chocolate bar worth about $3 is that it is shaped like a bunny.
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PLDT MyDSL: It sucks.

In my previous post entitled “Back to the Stone Age,” I mentioned that

I, however, can’t do anything but applaud PLDT because my service at home is still up.

I spoke too soon. As days went by, PLDT’s MyDSL became competition for Globe’s crappy broadband service. And I thought PLDT was different.

How bad was it?

Well, remember when you were glad you were getting a 40kbps speed on your dialup modem? Yeah, that bad. Or worse, even. Because Google, TEH INTARWEB GIANT ITSELF, times out from time to time. Download speeds were a measly 2.3KB/s and that is if you’re lucky. Most of the time, I get a download speed of 1.2KB/s. I’m not lucky.

I even had problems accessing my GMail account.

But of course, you just can’t take my word for it. So I decided to do some speed tests from 2wire.com, broadbandreports.com, toast.net, and PLDT’s mypad website, among others.

The tests were conducted around 9 AM, Manila Time.
2wire.com showed 503 kbps. After an hour, it dropped to 386 kbps.
broadbandreports.com showed 511 kbps using the speakeasy server. Using another server, it showed 311 kbps. I didn’t bother to check after an hour since 2wire is showing the same trend.
toast.net reported 483 kbps using a server from the UK. There’s a variation of about 100 kbps using other servers. After an hour, it showed 38 kbps.
PLDT’s mypad website showed 480 kbps.

I checked my speed again at around 12 PM, Manila time.
2wire.com showed 36 kbps.
toast.net was inaccessible.
I didn’t bother to check other speed test websites because Firefox was timing out from trying to connect to other sites.

The service really sucks. What made it worse was that the DNS servers can’t even update itself and find most of the domains I frequent. I had to use another DNS server from another ISP. And I’m paying for a 1.2Mbps service to get a 38kbps connection.

This post, however, is one-sided as I still have yet to talk to their reps, technical and otherwise, about the situation, but I’m afraid of being another one of those customers their reps curse at when the phone is on mute, in which case, this rep forgot to press the mute button.

So is the post title conclusive? No.

Not yet. I’ll be posting more about this after getting some feedback from PLDT. But until then, I’ll keep saying PLDT’s MyDSL sucks.

Rules for Good Grammar

Rules for Good Grammar

  1. Don’t use no double negatives.
  2. Make each pronoun agree with their antecedents.
  3. Join clauses good, like a conjunction should.
  4. About them sentence fragments.
  5. When dangling, watch your participles.
  6. Verbs has got to agree with their subjects.
  7. Just between you and i, case is important.
  8. Don’t write run-on sentences when they are hard to read.
  9. Don’t use commas, which aren’t necessary.
  10. Try to not ever split infinitives.
  11. It is important to use your apostrophe’s correctly.
  12. Proofread your writing to see if you any words out.
  13. Correct speling is essential.
  14. A preposition is something you never end a sentence with.
  15. While a transcendant vocabulary is laudable, one must be eternally careful so that the calculated objective of communication does not become ensconsed in obscurity. In other words, eschew obfuscation.

Wedding Jitters

Yes, I am getting married. My fiancee and I met last May 27, 2005 through a common friend. We started going out about a week or two after our first encounter. Then we decided to get married about four months into the relationship. A lot has been put into the preparation of the wedding, and it took a lot out of me more than I expected, both physically and emotionally. Money matters were not an issue since we had some very generous benefactors, our parents. You have one guess when the wedding is. Undertaking this new venture, I learned a lot about myself, my fiancee, my parents, and life in general. These are just some of my thoughts and lessons which I think will help others prepare for their own. I am not here to preach, but to share what I have learned from this experience.

More money, lesser worries
If I had more money, I would’ve hired someone to worry about the flowers, the giveaways, the invites, etc. I would have asked that person, which people call the wedding coordinator, to do all the legwork processing the necessary papers and other miscellany. That person would’ve saved me and my fiancee some time and a whole lot of aggravation from all the people we had to meet up with to complete all those (un)necessary requirements.

Go there? NO. You come here.
There were a lot of things that should and could be done without going to the shops, like the invitations. We could’ve corresponded via email and they could send us the mockup of the invite by snail mail. Online banking transactions could have also made things easier, but most of the shops don’t accept credit cards. I guess that’s the trade-off of getting inexpensive suppliers. The Pre-nuptial photo shoot could’ve been much easier and less stressful for both parties also, if we asked the photographer to come over to our place instead of us going to their studio. Well, it’s easier for us – er, what do you call people getting married? Anyway, it’s all good. We had a great deal with this photographer. So great, you might as well think we were robbing him. I love family connections.

Where the heck is my Milo?!
Heat, traffic, and Running around Manila, Quezon City, Navotas, and other parts of the NCR, not to mention going to Tagaytay for a quick RnR, will really take its toll on you physically and psychologically. I think I lost some weight over the past few weeks doing just that. Lack of sleep, exhausted at work, and vendors that are not so competent, all of those almost made me suicidal. Or at least, refusing to move. I wanted a Segway(TM) so badly so that I don’t have to walk to the bathroom, to the elevator, or anywhere for that matter. If only someone would have rolled me over to my destination while I lay down, I would feel much better. Really. At the end of the day, or night, I sometimes would end up sleeping on the sofa, my head hanging from my shoulders with the TV on, my ID dangling from my neck and my belt undone. Wearing half a pair of shoes, I startlingly wake up to the screams of the Turbo Tiger being demonstrated on this weird channel. I didn’t know my cable provider had this channel. Then I realize that I fell asleep for about half an hour and that I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore. I hate power naps. I feel so powerless after one. Powerless to sleep, that is. Oh, how I miss my bed.

Fastfood? Not if I can help it.
I sometimes miss a meal or two, because my schedule was so swamped with things to do. For the past two years, I’ve been a regular customer of fastfood chains like Billy Joe’s or Mickey Dee’s, or the freckle-faced girl’s or the Colonel’s. Heck, I’ve been a regular delivery customer. But when my fiancee and I started planning for the wedding and getting those plans going, I realized I wasn’t getting any nutrition from those food chains. Everything from those stores were frozen, then blasted with a blowtorch, then served a la carte. What were those little pieces of flour they call “nuggets” made of? Anyway, eating the right food definitely helped by giving me energy to do everything we needed to do. Do I miss Mickey, et al? Not in a any sense of the word.

A Boy or Girl Scout, you will never be.
No matter how much effort you put into the preparation, no matter how much time you’ve allotted to do all the things you need to do, no matter how rich you are, there will always be something nagging at the back of your head that you forgot something. And most of the time, it is TRUE. You did forget something. You forgot to brush your teeth. You forgot to put on socks. You forgot to take a bath. You forgot to confess your sins to a priest. You forgot something. You forgot to set the alarm so that you won’t be late and now you’re running late because you forgot to set the alarm. I know I’m forgetting something. I just hope it’s not as important as the wedding ring.

Here comes the bride. There goes the groom. Both crawling.
So the big day is coming, is here, or has gone. Are you still alive? If you can feel a sharp stabbing pain in your thigh, a pulsing and throbbing pain in your temples, and if your eyes sting and water whenever you see something that shimmers from a distance, then yes, you are still alive. Be thankful. And I am immensely grateful for everyone that helped us newlyweds to be together, finally. My soulmate. Finally, together.

After all the commotion, the whining, the pushing ang shoving, after a bunch of stuff happening and not happening, after saying I do, I learned a lot of lessons. And quite honestly, they’re very simple.

Learn to live with what you have.

Be happy and content with what you get.

Give when it hurts, until it hurts no more.

Life is as easy as you make it.

A Point to Ponder

You usually wear jeans or basically just dress down every Fridays. Then you’re boss tells you that you can wear jeans from Wednesday till Friday for this week only. Back the same routine after the week ends. You know it’s still crappy that you can only wear jeans every Fridays, but you still feel glad, happy, almost ecstatic that you’re given permission to dress down for an extra 2 days of THIS week. You spread the news, WITH GLEE, to your fellow co-workers, mimicking the kid from The Matrix Revolutions movie screaming “The war is over.”

The above was the point. Here’s the ponder.

Isn’t it a little bit pathetic to be ecstatic about something like being able to wear jeans at work? If you wanna wear jeans to work, get a construction employee’s job. Or go to another company that does basically the same thing you do, except that they don’t have a dress code and you can wear jeans all you want, as much as you can. I just don’t see the point of being happy for such a minuscule… thingy… when it’s the same grind all over again after the current week.

Here’s more ponder.

If your boss is really good, wouldn’t they know what makes you, the employee, happy? And wouldn’t they know that a very happy employee is a very productive employee? And that a very productive employee will rake in more business and more income for the company which basically gives more financial incentives and bonuses to the boss indirectly?

Just pondering. :-x

Journalist’s Code of Ethics

Got this from Rizalist’s comment. If I do the below, am I considered a journalist?

Journalist’s Code of Ethics
National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

I. I shall scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis. I recognize the duty to air the other side and the duty to correct substantive errors promptly.

II. I shall not violate confidential information on material given me in the exercise of my calling.

III. I shall resort only to fair and honest methods in my effort to obtain news, photographs and/or documents, and shall properly identify myself as a representative of the press when obtaining any personal interview intended for publication.

IV. I shall refrain from writing reports that will adversely affect a private reputation unless the public interest justifies it. At the same time, I shall fight vigorously for public access to information.

V. I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties, nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift or other consideration of a nature that may cast doubt on my professional integrity.

VI. I shall not commit any act of plagiarism.

VII. I shall not, in any manner, ridicule, cast aspersions on, or degrade any person by reason of sex, creed, religious belief, political conviction, cultural and ethnic origin.

VIII. I shall presume persons accused of crime of being innocent until proven otherwise. I shall exercise caution in publishing names of minors and women involved in criminal cases so that they may not unjustly lose their standing in society.

IX. I shall not take unfair advantage of a fellow journalist.

X. I shall accept only such tasks as are compatible with the integrity and dignity of my profession, invoking the ?conscience clause? when duties imposed on me conflict with the voice of my conscience.

XI. I shall conduct myself in public or while performing my duties as journalist in such manner as to maintain the dignity of my profession. When in doubt, decency should be my watchword.