Web Development Services

(Annual Billing)


Website features can range from very basic to confoundingly complex, but one thing you can be certain with ZetaDev-produced websites: they are mobile-friendly from the get-go, whether they are

  • Plain HTML
  • Pico CMS - a blazingly fast (and furious) CMS
  • WordPress - a powerful and user-friendly blogging-platform-turned-CMS

The need for developing a mobile app for Android, iOS, or even Windows 10 Mobile is ultimately optional.

Billing for Websites do not recur, the amount of which solely depends on its complexity.


Your brand is your identity, and with it, your reputation. You should care about what domain is associated with your brand. Fortunately, you can get the perfect domain for your brand, thanks to the ICANN allowing a bunch of novelty top-level domains, or TLDs.

You no longer need to use a .com, .net, or .org domain name. Because your domain.rocks!


As important as your brand is where you host the files for your site. There are a bunch of hosting providers that offer lots of storage at a very cheap price, and some charge through the nose, costing an arm and a leg. Which provider is the best? ZetaDev will take care of everything, so you won't get any headaches or decision paralysis.

Choose your own from Chunkhost or use one of ZetaDev's. There's enough room for you, me, and the Internet.

Professional IT Services

(Monthly Billing)


Think of a house with the front door open. Bad people can get in, but not when a big-ass dog is guarding it. Of course, they won't know there's a dog until they get bitten.

DDoS attacks get mitigated and stopped. Spambots get blocked. Malware gets removed. ZetaDev takes care of all of that.

And this dog doesn't sleep.


System updates get released everyday, but automatic updates may fail, and quite often. You know what's better than getting the best hosting provider? Getting someone else to deal with the mundane task of keeping the server in tip-top shape. ZetaDev takes care of your server, whatever it may be: Web, Email, FTP, even Proxy servers.

ZetaDev lets you focus on the more important stuff: your business.


A misplaced comma or an unresponsive server? Reach out via email, the Contact page, or any messaging app you prefer. You can expect a reply within an hour, provided the earth didn't swallow the Philippines whole.

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Good ole' SMS

Payment Methods


The most convenient way to send payments with your credit or debit card. No one sees any of your card info. Your info stays secure.

Bank Deposit

Most preferred by local customers sending payments in Philippine Peso. A picture of the deposit slip is required to confirm payment.

Western Union

For when PayPal or banks won't do. Over 500,000 Agent Locations and over 100,000 ATMs/kiosks located in over 200 countries.

ZetaDev payment info will be provided after the Contract and/or Statement of Work is signed.